Sold, pending payment: Coffee Crafters Artisan 3-e 3e (willing to ship)


Jun 9, 2016
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Located in Kearney, NE (right on Interstate 80 in south central Nebraska)
Willing to ship (add actual cost) or meet part way (reasonable distance).

: **Artisan 3-e (Roaster ONLY as shown)**
Includes: Roaster unit with pigtail (nice looking unit in great shape), roast chamber, chaff guard screen, thermocouple and digital thermometer.
Includes everything you need to get roasting in your garage (sweeping up the chaff).
Everything above: $2450
(I have guy who wants it shipped to Australia (over $1500) but I'm not wild about shipping it there. Help me out and buy it in the Continental U.S., at least.)

Your other option to do now, or down the road after you have made some profits:
You could complete it with all of the other stuff that is NOT INCLUDED by ordering from CoffeeCrafters:
Indoor chaff collector (Coffee Crafters price: $440 )
Exhaust mast and hood (Coffee Crafters price: $278 )
Or you could DIY those items (not as pretty as the coffeecrafters parts, if you are like me). DIY-ing a bean cooler is the easiest thing ever. As me for details. Or you could buy that from coffeecrafters also.

Current price of a new 3-e is $4150
If/when you outgrow my machine, you will likely be able to sell it at this same price (if not more, depending upon current new price).
I can send you a PDF copy of the manual, if needed.


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