SOLD: Sivetz 50# Roaster: Less than 1000 hrs on replacement roast chamber

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Jun 9, 2016
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[FONT=&quot]This roaster performed 19,000 33 lb roasts over 30 years in Denver. Then business outgrew it and it became a backup roaster. A 50 lb replacement roast chamber (!) was installed, but due to high elevation (thin air) 40 lbs was it’s max. in that location. It is still like new, with less than **1000 hrs** of roast time. Includes chaff cyclone (no motor, but easily procured), 300,000 BTU gas burner, heat box, blower unit, afterburner (which you may or may not need), controls & pdf documentation.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]You can easily roast smaller batches, if you prefer. These high production Sivetz roasters are offered very rarely. It will take you a while to outgrow this one, as it is capable of roasting close to 1000 pounds of coffee in an 8 hr day.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Currently in storage just off of Interstate 80 in south-central Nebraska. Come out to see the roaster and the amazing Sandhill Crane migration this Spring! Bring a trailer or rent a U-Haul here and go home with this serious money-maker! With it’s Like New roast chamber it is ready for (easily) another 19,000 roasts (seriously). If I had a building or was just a bit nearer to retiring from my day job I would be putting this into production myself. As it is, I will probably regret letting this one go in years to come.
$19K OBO
For pickup only (but centrally located and right on Interstate 80).
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For those who have never seen one, here is a roaster similar to the one I'm offering fully set up.
Gives you an idea of the space required.
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I keep staring at this, lusting for it but know nothing about fluid bed roasting

There is a Facebook group (I personally hate Facebook in general, but their GROUPS on different topics can be pretty great)
called "Fluid Bed Coffee Roasters" if you would like to learn about them without the noise from drum roasters who think drum is the Only True Way to roast coffee.
There are lots of Sivetz owners there of all sizes. In particular, if you join, search the discussion for posts and comments by Rick Olson (
He roasts on a 50 lb Sivetz and has build a terrific business that now includes roastery (lots of wholesale customers), espresso van, and just recently he bought a coffee shop. He's just kept reinvesting the profits and has built quite an empire! Very inspirational.
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