Solis Maestro Grinder


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May 13, 2005
Rochester, NY

Ok, I have the Solis Maestro Grinder (not the new 2005 grinder). It work great, but I have a user problem (ME, I think). I grind the beans but even the drip setting seems a bit too fine. The coffee tastes bitter. Your normal 2 tablespoons for ever 6 ounces is a ton of coffee and it is way too bitter. Is it me or is the Solis Maestro Grinder course grind not good? I tried 1 tablespoon for every 6 oz and still no good. Tries 3 different beans, $40 later still no good.

This is going into a coffee drip....



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Nov 8, 2004
It may be the grinder. Sometimes the burr is not set properly onto its locking mechanism. Try taking the hopper off and remove the burr grinder and replacing it being sure to get it locked in to its retaining ring. The little tabs will only allow it to be installed one way if you line them up right. It can be a little tricky sometimes. If you can get a very course grind at the far right setting and a powdery grind at the far left setting you have it assembled correctly.

I hope this helps and doesn't confuse anyone.


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
Don't forget to vacuum it on a regular bases. These little guys like to trap beans and grounds. You will help extend the operating life if you clean this way.


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May 13, 2005
Portland OR
so you have the "solis meastro"
not the "solis meastro plus" with its heavier metal base and 40 clicks on the dial.

when those things are new the sharp burrs cant help put out some fine dust, Ive heard they need to be broken in. But with the Solis Meastro [sp?] Plus Ive witnessed some nice granulations and size regulation.

Remember when you adjust the grind and push the start button, or turn the timer, that the first grinds that come out will be from the last time you used your grinder. I found this is about a tablespoon or so that i dump.

As a rule of thumb you usually want to grind as fine as your brewing method allows, but hey what way do you brew your coffee??

Oh and be careful with that hopper, its not as easy as it could be. ive witnessed one destroyed and one put in backwards.

-joel d