Sorrento Michelagilo problems....


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Feb 12, 2010
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I am currently using a Sorrento Michelagelo 2 group head machine. We bought it off an auction (shoestring budget for a coffee shop), we replaced the right solinoid about 3 months ago. Yesterday the group heads both stopped working, found a fuse was blown, replaced x3...keeps blowing fuse, and will not work! Everything else works fine. Does anyone have any suggestions............we have a huge event coming up tomorrow night!!!


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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I know nothing about your particular machine, but if fuses are popping something is causing an overload or is shorting out. Make sure nothing is wet, no wiring is exposed, etc... and go from there. Some machines have so many electronic controls it's just hard to try and pinpoint without seeing the machine.

Shadow is right, it is going to be very difficult to diagnose on the net. Best you get a techie in (any machine techie would do) to have a peek. Generally fuses going is related to an electrical issue: could be the plug is frayed and causing the fuse to trip...but just as easily it could be something else. Play safe, call in a technician