Starbucks reversed engineered


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Aug 30, 2004
West Virginia
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Good Morning to all,

I am new to this forum (love it) and I have a research question that I am sure either has already been performed and many of us have wondered ourselves. Let me also say that anything can be found on the internet, you just have to know where. So here goes....

Has anyone tried and reversed engineered the Starbucks cafe's/drive thru's? They are one very good success story that has a lot to research.

I for one don't always need to reinvent the wheel and I thought if anyone had reversed engineered the starbuck stores, it would save alot of valuable time and money. I can guarentee that Starbucks spent considerable time and money researching the numerous equipment, products and procedures to if its good for Starbucks, it's probably a good starting point for most of us on this site, especially those of us thinking about starting a cafe or coffee shop. I am looking for current up to date information. Call it market research.

As a few examples.....

1) What equipment does starbucks use? Start with the makes and models of the espresso machines, grinders/dosers, blenders, roasters, water treatment equipment, etc.

2) Then what accessory equipment do they use? Things like the computer system, cash register or inventory control, whipped cream dispensers, serving cups (ceramic), steaming pitchers, etc.

3) Where do they get their paper products (cups and lids), their non coffee items, etc.

4) What about operations manual, employee handbooks, training manuals, etc.

I know that this is asking for a lot, and may seem a little pushy but I am sure it exist somewhere. I guess I could just spend hours in a starbucks and take notes. If you are bashful you can give me a PM to discuss in further detail.

I just thought I would ask.