Sumatra Buengee


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Dec 23, 2006
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Does anyone know about these beans? Peerless coffee out of Oakland, CA used to sell it around 12 years ago. I probably have the Buengee spelt wrong. It is a large bean Sumatra. Any help would be greatly apreciated
I think you might be looking for Sumatra Tim-Tim, Blangili...although I may be wrong. Its a longish, flatish Arabica. I think if you have a look around with your suppliers using either Sumatra Timtim, and or Blangili, you should find what you are after. I am pretty sure that this varietal is originally from East Timor, hence the "Tim-tim" (Which is Indonesian for East Timor) in the name. In all honesty Indonesia is having a rotten 2006-2007 crop year so far. Crazy weather patterns have IMHO effected the cupping character of all the Sumatrans we deal with. Where I am (West Java) it is the middle of the Monsoon season...with very, very little rain in sight. We are hoping that things change real quick. Anyway good luck in the search.