SUMMER-END 50% OFF SALE on all Coffee Roaster Equipment- ends Saturday Sept 22, 2018


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Mar 28, 2011
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Hello again. Its the end of Summer already and I am holding my end of Summer sale on the coffee roaster equipment we manufacture.

As the popup says if you go to the link above, 50% off on all items (except ones that have grills). So sale applies to:

Coffee Roaster Drums for BBQ grills
Electric Indoor Coffee Roasters, Consumer and Commercial versions
Coffee Bean Cooler/Dechaffers for after roast dechaff and cooling of beans
60RPM Motor Systems that attach to your grill so you can have even roasting with BBQ Grill drums
All in one outdoor systems (drum, motor system, rod combos, that attach to your grill).

All in all a big sale. I am holding this until Saturday Sept 22. Please visit us today for some big savings!

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