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Jan 3, 2011
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having an expresso in a popular coffee shop is way expensive, good thing they have coupon from store's xxxxx and I can avail some price cut off. wonder if it is possible for me to have an expresso at home but taste like from a coffee shop.
Well....I'm not clicking on your link for obvious reasons, but will tell you that it is very possible to have superb ESPRESSO at home if you know what you're doing and have decent equipment/coffee onhand. In fact, what I make at home has never been touched by anything I've tried elsewhere. Later!
changed the link... naughty boy - no links like that allowed here
EspressoConnoisseur said:
Definitely go with the home/commercial espresso maker. It is far better than owning an espresso shop or even spending money at Starbucks!

This doesn't make any sense to me... How exactly is buying a home/commercial machine better than OWNING a shop? Also makes no sense when people say "espresso shop, espresso maker, etc"... Espresso bar is a nice way to put it, but that's pretty rare in this country where people have to bastardize what espresso really has to offer.

If I could afford to do it I would open an espresso bar complete with a 3 group lever/hand grinders and offer nothing but traditional espresso and espresso based drinks with no syrups, sauces, etc... No chairs, tables, WiFi, etc... Slogan on the door would be "If You Want It YOUR Way Go Elsewhere"

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