swift grinder?

If you have consistency problems due to an inability to find or retain motivated baristas (regardless of why that issue exists)... the Swift will offer a certain consistency to the dose and tamp. It will never ever exceed or perform better than a trained and motivated barista. All other things being equal (beans, machien maintenance etc) you'll get consistently good shots but never truly stellar ones.

I've been working on a Swift since last october but still do my own grinding and tamping at home on the weekends. I get better shots and better cream at home with my prosumer Isomac machine and Mazzer Mini grinder than I do at work with a brand new Swift and La Marzocco FB70. The shots I serve at work are good... don't get me wrong... but they could be better. But they won't be with that grinder. It's not a knock against the Swift - just a recognition of its limitations.

Here's a thread at the SCAA forums that discusses this issue at great length