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Mar 29, 2005
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HI all,

Been a long time watcher but minimal poster but i thought i would tap the all knowing geek fraternatity for some advice...

I've been using a Gaggia Synchrony Compact Digital and a Saeco Incanto Sirius superautos for the last couple years ... but finally managed to raise some funds ....

I have about £550 (uk sterling) to spend on a manual/auto espresso machine and grinder combo
I have found a website which will sell a Rancilio Silvia and JDL Rocky and steel base (includes 2 drawers etc) for £534 therefore within budget.

Now given my current situation this next purchase will have to last me a while so while my present espresso skills are minimal other than reading this and other sites and listening to various espresso podcasts it will be my first true break into manual espresso making so i just want to confirm that the silvia and rocky will offer the capacity to use for at least 3 years given i really want to learn to make really good espresso, and proper microfoam which so far the superautos have not allowed

Do people think this is a wise purchase choice or can offer other advice given i have to buy the units in the UK therefore prices might not be quite so cheap as the USA.

I don't mind having a steep learning curve and i understand that it will be some time before i can make quality espresso so i am definitely looking for a machine which i can grow into