Tassimo Revews T12 Coffee Machine! Just £35.00 on Amazon. A Christmas Present?!


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Sep 28, 2014
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Whilst not usually my cup of tea... I have prepared a Tassimo review for you guys based on the fact that the Tassimo T12 Coffee Machine has now been discounted on amazon to just £35.00 I am not sure how much that is in US Dollars? In any event, although, we might not want one for ourselves... it's the perfect christmas present for a friend at work, the wife, or even your parents.

Bosch Tassimo T12 Vivy TAS1202GB Hot Drinks & Coffee Machine - Black: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home

Here's a snippet of the review

Although, typically speaking, I would never venture into the world of pre-prepared, frozen or ready made instant coffee I was recently handed the Tassimo T12 Coffee Machine TAS1202GB to review. Therefore, you might not be expecting rave tassimo reviews from me on this occasion; however, you would be wrong. My initial impression was one of amazement as I was handed the small, compact machine and told that they are currently retailing on Amazon for just £35.00. If nothing else, that certainly qualifies as value for money. That said, the size of the machine does make it hard to serve coffee to a multitude of people and it probably is not suitable if you have a family of 4 or 5 people and you make coffee in rounds – mainly because, it would take a long time. By the time you made the last coffee the first would be cold.I think you would agree that cost, and also price tag are on our minds these days when we go out to buy household goods. Gone are the days when we would splash out, and now what we are really looking for is quality, and value. What difference ten years makes! The problem being that coffee machines (especially) that represent quality, usually, cost a lot more money, then say, average quality ones. That said, this Tassimo T12 coffee machine is an absolute gem of a coffee machine for its price tag; it has everything that you need. It really does.when I first tried this coffee machine for this tassimo review, I will be honest, It took me a while to get my head around it. I started with the cappuccino capsules. I thought I was getting 80 cups of coffee (the biggest packet I have found thus far) however, I only actually got 40 cappuccinos out of that set. This is because for the milk based drinks the packs of capsules come with separate capsules of milk as well that you place into the machine, after the coffee has come out in the form of an espresso shot. I must say that the milk perhaps needs improving, for some reason, there does not appear to be an unsweetened version (annoying!) and it doesn’t taste as good as the usual microfoam you get with a Gaggia Classic or other top of the range coffee machines. The coffee this machine produces is good considering that the coffee is pre-packaged and now roasted to order, although, clearly will not match some of the larger more professional machines.

You can read the rest at the website :) Tassimo Reviews T12 Coffee Machine TAS1202GB - KOFFSTER

I've ordered one for my office at work. I have used an areopress before for work, but I seldom have the time these days. I am busy at the moment at work! So this machine is perfect as it only involves a couple of presses of buttons.