Tempreture problem with my Toper


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Jul 27, 2018
Hi all

I need some advices to fix the problem of tempreture readings in my toper 1 kg gas roaster. The problem is the reading values in digital screen are 50° degree lowers than what supposed to be ... to explain more I will show events tempreture :

First crack = At 150° C
Second crack = At 175° C
I should Charge coffee at temp = 135° to reach drying in 5:30 min , FC in 8:00

So it seem the thermocouple ( fail or wrong placed ) or other issues cause this problem !! What should I do . Hope Toper user give their experiences.


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Oct 14, 2018
Can you post a picture of your thermocouple placement? It sounds similar to my probat RE-1, which has the thermocouple above the drum rather than inside. This makes the temperature reading a bit slow, and off by a certain amount. Let's see a picture, then we can talk more.