Terrible tasting coffee!!!

Chris Kay

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Feb 1, 2005
Does the coffee taste foul/ sour ?

If its a JBM blend it might be one of the blending coffees with the Jamaican.
Usually people from the same city use the same coffee suppliers (well here they do anyway) and one of the coffees thats used in the blend maybe over fermented which is foul if anyone has ever smelt or tasted it. Its much more pronounced after its been brewed. The roasters sometimes have not picked it up.
Id go back to the roaster with the coffee and ask him .

It might have been a different batch in your supply. For example roaster roasts, sells the coffee gets to the last bit (yours ) half fills the bag and then finishes the order with another batch. So you get abit of each.

Who knows?
If its the over fermented coffee youd almost fell like throwing up. :grin:

Coffee Guy

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Oct 19, 2003
Seattle,Washington USA
Hummm...Very interesting...Are you getting a JBM Blend or 100% JBM? And my next question is have you contacted the roaster you purchased it from? We for example have two different estates in Jamaica where we import our beans from, and both yeild a slightly different taste, but both are excellent. I tend to agree with Chris Kay in this case, contact the roaster and ask their advise. And topher & Alun I believe their was an episode on the "X" Files regarding a bad batch. It featured this black ooze... :twisted:


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Oct 28, 2004
A few more suggestions:

Bring some water from a source completely outside your home and try that.

Have someone with no knowledge of the problem drink the coffee (don't tip them off first) and see what they think of it.

Take the coffee back to the shop and ask them to make a pot with their own equipment (but your beans) and see what they say about the taste.

Consider any new medications you might be taking as some are known to distort taste perceptions.

Good luck!