The group gasket is leaking on my Estro Profi!


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Oct 16, 2004
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Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions on how to fix it? Is it something simple? Can I do it myself? Where can I get parts? Thanks!
Estro and Saeco are the same company. I have a 10 year-old Saeco rio vapore which appears to be much like your machine. I've had to replace what they call the 'filterhold seal' twice during that time - it seems to be the only part that wears out on these.

I recently got great support simply by emailing [email protected]
The rapid reply was from Dana Cahill, Customer Service Representative
Office 440-528-2000 (ext 113), Fax 440-542-9173, Toll Free 1-800-933-7876, Amazingly, she sent me pdfs of the full exploded diagrams for the machine so I could pick out and order the parts I needed. The diagrams are also really helpful if you've never taken apart your machine.

The actual disassembly and repair is not difficult but does require someone with mechanical proficiency and some decent hand tools.