The karma of the delivery guy, with a poll!

Do coffee delivery dudes have a magic karmic sex charm?

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I have the Friday delivery duties at work, which is nice, I have to service three grocery stores and then drive around town listening to either classical music or Air America to a dozen widely dispersed coffee shops scattered around town who are set for Friday deliveries. I was noticing taht there is a strange karmic relationship between the cuties at teh coffee shop and the delivery dude. I walk in, set the coffee on the counter and they are all over me. Not that I mind, but hell, I am just a motley long haired geeky mongrel in a leather jacket who smells like a coffee bean, where is the attraction?
I guess maybe I can add a poll to this, see what everyone else thinks.
And just in case you are wondering, no, I don't take myself seriously.


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Feb 8, 2005
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the karma of the delivery guy???

donno...ive just started my little roastery and ive got a guy who spreads my coffee all around the country.
he goes into all the weird little shops around the coast and i can tell you without thinking twice its the coffee that sells, not the delivery guy.
this guy is hardly a good advertisement for my business.
he is 1,6m tall, the size of a baby hippo and he talks endless amounts of crap. from what ive heard is that they are always happy to see him but they are just as happy to see him leave.

i would probably be happy to see you aswell, knowing that the parcel youre carrying is the most important of all....afterall, people want the coffee not the guy