the right espresso grind


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Jan 4, 2007
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Is there a simple way to tell if you have the right grind for your espresso?

I have a very good espresso grinder and I noticed when I switched beans I have very little crema and the coffee is not as good. I know the beans are a poorer quality, but I was wondering if a better grind would help out



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Oct 18, 2006
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Just to add a little to the advice Alun has given.

Expect to change grind as the beans age and for different types of beans. Grind is not something you can hold constant and say "thats it", to maintain the parameters mentioned by Alun, you need to be prepared to adjust grind.

e.g. Brazilian Santos requires a coarser grind than say Dominican don't know why (and it doesn't matter really), I just know it does, and you will find this with many other coffees.