Thinking of Opening a Coffee Shop


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Mar 22, 2014
Me and my business partner are thinking of opening up a small coffee/juice bar a few doors down from our existing business which is located in a fairly busy business downtown area. A new government building is opening that will bring about 250 new workers into the area in addition to the probably 2500 people that already within a 10 minutes walk.

Currently there is three coffee shops, 2 are quick serve chain coffee stores that serve the quality of about 7-11 coffee. The other is a locally owned store that sells lattes, tea, smoothies etc... But coffee/beverages is not their primary business. In addition there is 7 other restaurants that in the area.

The location we are looking at is 1,000 sq ft and rent $1,000 per month. The location would require a fairly extensive renovation.

We have about $40,000 to $50,000 in capital to open it, in addition we own a marketing company which would help with advertising, marketing, branding, etc...

The business would not be a primary source of income but a supplemental one.

So my questions are...

Is the location large enough?
Is our capital enough to open?

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