Tip for BUNN home brewer owners

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Jan 30, 2008
Memphis USA
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I've received a tip from one of my customers regarding any of the BUNN home brewers. While they are one of the best home brewers and can brew a pot of coffee in about 3 minutes, some people note that this type of fast brew can result in a weak pot of coffee. This is a result of the water passing through the grounds too fast. I always advise my customers to call BUNN and get a restrictor head with only 3 spray holes instead of the stock 5 that they ship with.
This increases the brew time by about a minute or so but produces a stronger brew since it increases the contact time with the water.
Now I don't condone this but apparently some people have tried it with success. The tip is to take 2 round toothpicks and cut the middle of the toothpick into a 2-3 mm length. Remove the sprayhead then insert the short pieces into 2 of the sprayhead holes. Reinsert the sprayhead and once you brew a pot the water will swell the toothpicks and seal the sprayholes. This effectively makes the stock sprayhead into a 3 hole restrictor sprayhead. I tried this with my home brewer and it works. This tip will only work on the pourover home brewer. Never do this with a commercial brewer. If you have a commercial brewer, get the restrictor sprayhead for that model.