Tirra coffee maker?


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Jan 25, 2005
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I have had a Tirra coffee maker (pull system) for a fe months...anyone using one?

One thing I notices is the Tirra uses a rubber gromet around the filter to help keep grounds from escaping....but wouldn't this effect taste?? I am thinking of going back to a plain old french press! I see Bodum makes a standard press and a fancy press? Why?

I decided to buy a neoprene sleeve for my french press so the coffee can be brewed at a consistent temperature and then I'll try transferring to another container. I also see Sweet Maria's sells extra nylon filters for the french press to furtehr cut down on mud. LOL. A good grinder helps!

Weird though......I have made coffee in my plain old french press with no special precautions or sleeves and it has come out incredibly good! So, mabye all the hype about add-on filters and neoprene sleeves has such a minor and barely noticable effect on the final cup?

I have thought about transferring the coffee to a carafe....
......the only problem is an issue I read about transferring the coffee to a thermal carafe. The decanting or transferring can effec taste!

So, has anyone found any of this useful? Using a Tirra coffee vs a french press? Using a thermal sleeve for brew consistency? The added nylon filter screen?