to all coffee lovers..


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Nov 20, 2008
Costa Rica
i m currently given a task to make an advertisement about coffee..
therefore i m here need some opinion from u guys..

just help me to answer this 2 question..

1. what does coffee mean to u?
Definitely it is a life style, since I remember always have been involve in one way or the other with coffee, I remember when my grandmother use to roast manually in a old wood stove.
2. without coffee what will happen to u?
Right now I don't see how I will go back to be seat behind a desk for 8 to 12 hours a day, now I prefer to be on the field looking how the cherries grows, then how to they ripe and so on until I can taste a good bean.

hope u guys can support by answer this 2 question.. i m appreciate for all the answer that provided by u guys.. :) :) :) :) :) :)


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May 16, 2009
1. what does coffee mean to u?
I agree earlier when someone said coffee is a lifestyle, not just a morning fix. Coffee is something to be enjoyed, not just treated like trash with your mouth as the trashcan.

2. without coffee what will happen to u?
I don't want to think what would happen with NO coffee, but I can tell you what even a tiny hint of sour in coffee does to me. It makes me want to destroy everything in sight, and makes me so nauseous I have to take Pepto-Bismol to keep from puking.


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May 14, 2009
1. What does coffee mean to the world?

Lol, well let's look at the top traded commodities in the world...

1 Oil/petroleum products

2 Coffee

3 Steel and Infrastructure

4 Gold

5 Wheat

2. Without coffee what will happen to world?

The machines will take over.
Jan 18, 2008
Hey Mako!

Tricks are improving but my efforts of advertising have gone largely unnoticed in this strange economy.

How's things going for you?

Also, cool logo. Is it new?


Nov 23, 2007
"The way life should be"
Our business climate requires some adjustment of strategies, to be sure. Things are challenging here as well, but we're hanging in there. Prospects are promising.

I'm glad your bakery is still intact, what with the threat of the Giant Rock Face that swept down on your community last year. I heard it crushed your building! Now that the Aliens have receded from the landscape you can grow once again.

No Mr. Ccafe, I'm not testing. The Aliens have gone to the hills. Last I heard they were running an illegal bourbon distillery in Tennessee. And it seems Biscotto here has gone to the DARK side, with his naming as "moderator".

I guess my pen-partner in crime is now totally reformed. Even the wily Ccafe has promised to stop kicking Biscotto off The Forums. Why have I waited so long? I might have stopped all of this....

The logo isn't new. In fact it's been around much longer than the CBB logo, still in effect. Custom Brand Beverage is part of CoffeeSharks. I just wanted to freshen things up a bit.

Hang in there, buddy. Mr. Obama says recovery is right around the corner. I'm not waiting for Super-Heroes or Aliens to come to the rescue. I'll manage that myself. I am hoping the public will stay optimistic and grow in their confidence. If they will, then the economy will eventually heal itself.



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Jun 19, 2009
1. what does coffee mean to u?

The experience of a memory, tradition, culture and a passion.

2. without coffee what will happen to u?

Coffee allows me to escape my reality and imagine the reality of working on sun drenched farms in beautiful locations that literally explode with all the above.

Without this escape, my life becomes linear. It is a place where I can be fussy, I can be attentive, I can be opinionated.

hope this helps.