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Sep 27, 2007
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Small entrepreneur – Great enterprise

Trung Nguyen Coffee Company - the 1st member in Trung Nguyen Corporation – started business in 1996 as a small entrepreneur led by young medical students.

Creativity and aspiration to increase Vietnamese coffee value have been the key factors bringing us success and fame. Being the No. 1 coffee producer in Vietnam with 2 successful brands - Trung Nguyen coffee and G7 instant coffee - Trung Nguyen has become a phenomenon of incredibly fast-growing company.

Crossing national border, Trung Nguyen’s products are present in more than 40 countries around the world to serve its gourmet drinkers.
The Trung Nguyen experience

Being the first Vietnamese company successfully set up coffee franchising system nationwide and worldwide, Trung Nguyen has been giving its coffee-lovers a unique environment to experience Vietnamese coffee culture through its gourmet coffee cup.

A coffee philosophy transcends language and culture
“Coffee is not just a simple drink, but an inspiration to human creativity”
This philosophy has been the guideline in our franchising system development strategy.

Fast growth

More than 1,000 coffee shops setting up nationwide and worldwide within 8 years showing Trung Nguyen’s proper development strategy and profound philosophy.


National network: Being the leading coffee brand in Vietnam, our products are present nationwide with a huge distribution network of 140 distributors , 91 supermarkets, resorts, bookstores and thousands of retail shops.
International network: Trung Nguyen’s coffee and tea are serving the world’s drinkers in more than 40 countries including US, UK, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, France, Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, etc. with export value reaching millions US dollar per year.


TRUNG NGUYEN COFFEE - The leading coffee brand in Vietnam
Through the careful selection of Vietnamese Highland’s finest coffee beans and the application of Trung Nguyen’s unique know – how in roasting and brewing, a gourmet coffee brought to you with variant of flavors and aromas.

With a wide product portfolio ranging from ground coffee, espresso to whole beans categories, Trung Nguyen proudly satisfies the mutable needs of its coffee-lovers around the world.

Enjoy the distinctive taste and flavor of Vietnamese coffee and peaceful moments to inspire your creativity through the most beloved coffee brand in Vietnam.

G7 INSTANT COFFEE - The pioneer’s spirit

Launched in 2003, G7 3 in 1 instant coffee immediately won over the leading position of a global brand – Nescafé - in domestic market and crossed national border to reach the world’s consumers.

The facts that G7 coffee chosen as the sole instant coffee serving the Heads of state during the ASEAN 5 Summit is an international recognition of our gourmet coffee quality.

To give our coffee-lovers more choices, G7 instant coffee’s portfolio has been expanded to pure black as well as Cappuccino with different flavors.
Perfect geographical conditions

Located in central highland of Vietnam, Buon Ma Thuot – where our coffee grows - having the best conditions for coffee cultivation. Through 160 million years of major geographical changes, its legendary basaltic soil becomes the major factor making our coffee unique.

The unique know-how

With an everlasting passion for coffee, Trung Nguyen’s craftsmen dedicate their lives to bring the world’s coffee-lovers a special coffee range with distinctive tastes and flavors through our unique know-how of coffee selecting, roasting and brewing.

Well-managed system and advanced technology

Being the only coffee producer in Vietnam certified EurepGAP (EUREP: Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group; GAP: Good Agricultural Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System), Trung Nguyen proudly convinces the world’s coffee industry of their capability to maintain consumers’ confidence in their coffee quality and safety, minimize detrimental environmental impacts of farming operations and ensure a responsible approach to worker health and safety.

Equipped with European advanced technology, Trung Nguyen’s 2 factories in Buon Ma Thuot and Binh Duong provinces ranking the biggest and most modern coffee factories in Vietnam with maximum capacity reaching 13,000 tons per year for ground and instant coffees.

Strong Manpower – Great Spirit

We are proud of being a member of Trung Nguyen corporation to inspire human’s creativity through our gourmet coffee and profound coffee philosophy. Since coffee is a major source of society development, it’s worth dedicating our lives to treasure it.
Trung Nguyen is the Vietnam's Coffee King following Forbes.


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