Unique Coffee


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Sep 3, 2009
Anybody wanting a unique coffee shop may want to take advantage of what we are offering. Please let us know with a reply.

I am from New Zealand living with my partner in Colombia and the coffee is very good here indeed. I must say even though I have lived in Holland for eight years and have tasted a lot of very good coffee in different places. Others have told me that I have a good taste for coffee. The coffee here is by far the best I have come across. Because of the above I have taken a big interest in Coffee and want to become more involved with it. And out of interest I was looking at things on the web about Coffee when I came across this sight.

This gave me an idea. Many people give some indication of what you want to do in their coffee shops and I know of a unique coffee shops in NZ. My partner and I would be very interested in providing shops like this with some of the best coffee in the world at some of the best prices in the world. Some of the advantages would be:

We only want to be a small family business working with unique coffee shops, offering their own styles and flavours.
We can obtain high quality coffee from small market outlets consisting of small farmers or groups of farmers wanting to tap into a market like, unique overseas coffee shops.
We are only looking to supply to between 10 to 20 outlets world wide. You will be the only coffee shop within 500 km’s selling this kind of coffee because we will not sell the same to any other shop within this zone.
We can get high quality Coffee in all its forms (from green beans to ground roasted packed and sealed). at the very most completive prices..

But please don’t just take my word for this and because we would like to help anyone with a unique coffee shop by offering you unique coffee (some of the worlds best unique coffee). So here is what we are thinking and how it would work:

People who want to sell coffee know what kinds of coffee tastes they like and what they want to sell. And if you tell us what you are looking for and are wanting to pay for it. With this in mind Ruth my partner and I will hit the market place here in Colombia on your behalf. We will obtain descriptions from merchants of their products, translate these from Spanish to English and email them to you.

Then you tell us which of the products you want to try, then we try and obtain a sample of the product and get it sent to you. Please understand we will be only be negotiating and translating on your behalf for some of the best coffee there is. Unfortunately we are not in a position to buy 1000’s of coffee samples and send them around the world to people who might just want some free coffee, so there is no grantee that we can get a sample. However if you also provide us with a description of what you are doing in and/or with your shop we will take this to the merchant and let him/her know, that if they want to supply coffee to your shop then it will be a good idea to provide us with a sample for you. We will get back to you what ever the answer is.

But all going well and you get a sample, you like it, it matches the description, the price is right and it is what you want, you will be able to buy it from us.

At this stage this offer is only going until we have enough clients to meet our needs. Whether we grow the business from there or not depends on circumstances. We would like to thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from any body who is interested.

Kind Regards