[US-CA][H] Ambex YM-2 (5lb) Coffee Roaster [W] Cash


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Mar 18, 2013
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Sadly, im selling off my coffee roaster and all the roasting stuff i have with it. Roasting in a condo complex with a machine this size is just too difficult. Im located in 92592 (Temecula). Looking to get $6500 OBO for everything listed. YOU MUST PICK UP, I CANNOT DELIVER. LOOKING TO SELL IT THIS WEEKEND.

  • Ambex YM-2 Roaster (Natural Gas Model) - Purchased 2013. I purchased this new directly from Ambex back in spring 2013. This model comes with 2 thermocouples (Bean temp & Air Temp). It has logging software to go with it, but I havent used the software in many years. The roaster is small enough to still easily roast through smell and sound. The Chaff Collector came with the roaster and works very well. It tends to launch chaff if you dont empty it out after 4 batches. Ive never had any mechanical issues with the machine at all. Comes with 50ft of gas hose with sealing Quick Disconnect fittings.
  • Nordfab 6" Vent Ducting - This was purchased at the same time I got the roaster. It was used to vent out of my garage at the time. Glad I spent extra on this as these are extremely sturdy and have served me well.
  • 72" x 36" x 1" Unfinished Maple Workbench (Unassembled). I purchased this last year to act as my workstation but since I cant roast here, I never put it together. Comes with all the hardware/legs as shipped to me.
  • Miscellaneous Roasting gear - Box of a couple hundred, 1lb coffee bags. Heat sealer for the bags. Shop Vac for the Chaff Collector. Flex Ducting with CFM inline duct fan.
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