Used commercial espresso machine


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Jan 1, 2024
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Hello there, happy New years lads

So I'm in the process/planning on opening a speciality coffee shop. I am on a tight budget but have managed to pick up most of my smaller items including blenders, scales, v60 etc. i even bought the grinder I'll use, a Mazzer mini and on a hunt for a second.

My main issue at the moment is the espresso machine. I cannot afford a new commercial machine and prosumer will be too weak in my opinion even to start off with. So I've been hunting on eBay and have found a lot of good deals but I'm super super skeptikal. The sellers seem to have a great reputation but some prices seem too good to be true. Found a slightly used Nuova Simonelli Appia II for 1000.
So I want to ask if you have any tips for what I'm looking for, what kinds of pictures I need to ask for, and then what am I looking for in those pictures? And if you have any other options those would be very helpful too.

Thank you so much