Using Coffee to help those in need


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Feb 21, 2006
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I'm deeply troubled by the things in uganda. If you don't know much about what is going on there. I suggest you research it. check out or Its probably top on my list. As far as conflict areas. The 1st time I heard about it, something just hit home. I wasn't sure what I could do. There are the organizations such as or the others like that. But sometimes I wonder if the money gets to the people. So my idea came from coffee. I thought about ugandan coffee after looking to the map and seeing that uganda borders kenya. I've had keynyan coffee. its pretty good. So I wondered about ugandan coffee. Which I've never seen for sale or had. But I am a fan of single origin african coffees.

here are some facts about it (most of what I did not know).

Robusta coffee is indigenous to the country, and has been a part of Ugandan life for centuries. The variety of Wild Robusta Coffee still growing today in Uganda's rain forests are thought to be some of the rarest examples of naturally occurring coffee trees anywhere in the world.

Uganda has the unfortunate circumstance of being landlocked, and needing good relations with its neighbors to move its coffee crop to a port city. Coffees from politically unstable regions, especially East Africa and the 10-year civil war in Uganda, bring up ethical issues. But the plain fact is this: coffee is a cash crop. It is grown by 300,000 small-holder farmers in Uganda. It is 95% of the Ugandan exports and 2,800,000 people rely on it for a living

So here is what I thought. Many of us are coffee drinkers, and also care about uganda. So you could support the ugandan economy and others by buying coffee. Which would put money into the peoples hands and help their situation and also have some good tasting and feeling coffee. Its like the whole teach a man to fish. Free money is great but it want change things.

I found a company that sells ugandan coffee and donates part of the sell to a co-op there. I have the links saves you can PM me and I will pass them onto you. This coffee company. donates $1 from the sale of every package to a comunity co-op.

So hypothetically this could Connect caring people to areas that need our help and support their economy by buying their coffee at fair prices and educating ourselves about their problems and solutions.

I'm not sure where i'm going to go with this idea, (maybe an information type website) maybe give free ugandan coffee to coffee shops and explain to them what I'm doing. But thats that. I felt the need to pass this on.

Also My friend had an art show about Oxaca Mexico and the termoil that is going on there, so I found a seller of oxacan coffee and passed it onto him

there are other conflict areas that are coffee producers. So this is my idea to use coffee to help people in need. I guess this also goes with a new movie that I just hearsd about It seems to speak of the global concerns associated with coffee.