Van Conversion in San Diego or California

coffee plus

New member
Mar 25, 2005
San Diego
I would like to start a mobile business in San Diego. Anyone know of any truck conversions company in San Diego or California? I've already contacted Seatle Trucks, but I would like to see if there are any company locally in San Diego. Is this a good business to have? Thank you in advance.


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Dec 21, 2004
Coffee plus why are you going to limit yourself to just San Diego to buy your conversion? As far as I know there is no one in San Diego who builds mobile espresso units (van/truck conversions). All I can tell you is to try some of the other guys out there who build mobile espresso units. Try Trolley Car Coffee Co. or Coffee Guy of Idaho. I saw you said you already contacted The Original Seattle Coffee Company people, what was the matter with their units? (if I may ask).

Good Luck finding someone in San Diego.