Vietnamese Coffee


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Apr 2, 2004
I am a specialist importer of Vietnamese coffee, mostly organic bourbon arabicas. I have looked at dismay at the general view of Vietnamese coffee as " bitter, low quality rubbish". I accept that the Vn bulk export grade robustas may have something to do with this view. However, my coffees are all of a very high standard and are attracting increasing appreciation from customers in Asia, North America and Europe. Does anyone have any experience of Vn coffee they would like to share?
Hello Annam....welcome! Hmm... I have tried some Vietnam Arabicas and I was generally disappointed (note this was some years ago!). My feelings were that the beans were probably not grown at a high enough altitude- they were softer than a lot of the Arabicas I handle here in Indonesia and getting a consistent roast profile for them was difficult. However I do know that Vietnam is making progress in processing for Arabica beans (as you the past the focus has been on Robustas). I would be pretty keen to try and roast a small quantity and judge for myself the differences from a few years back.
Dec 24, 2003
Victoria, BC
I run an online store and also a coffee shop and have been wanting to try out some Vietnamese coffee to see if it's worth while to carry. Can you give us a bit more information on how/where exactly your bean is grown and also how it is certified organic? Also, what is your pricing and do you offer any samples?


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Aug 10, 2004
Hello Annam
I am a food technician of Vietnam. Maybe the season of bitter Arabicas are too green or growth locals. If you need the type no bitter of our Arabicas. Please contact me I will choose the quality of Arabica and coffee another in Vietnam (Rosbusts, Chery) to you demands.
Now we have one roast product for Vietnam type. It is very dark and sensate.
If you pay attention to our products please contact us following:

H&b Trading and Product Joint Stock Company.

Add: 143/7C Xo Viet Nghe Tinh St. Binh Thanh Dist. HoChiMinh City, Vietnam.

Tel: 84-8-5124227

Fax: 84-8-5106166