Want to buy coffee website advertising



I would like to buy some advertising on your coffee related website for my own one cup coffee maker related website. If you are selling advertising please contact me: webmaster{at} one-cup-coffee-maker.com


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Aug 13, 2004
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You got to be kidding me.

Why would a coffee shop try to promote a one cup brewer?

Hey customers of mine, look here, you don't have to come see me anymore, even though these suck, you should still look at them, cause I am a sell out!

From your web site

"Seems we live in a world hooked on caffeine. I know I love it, and drink it everyday. I'm guessing you do to. Smart manufacturers realize this and that’s why they’re busy coming up with new ways for consumers to get their caffeine faster and cheaper. The latest idea is by far the best; one cup coffee makers. Designed for home or small office use, these fast caffeine-brewing machines are worth investigating. When you’re ready to have one in your home, look for these qualities. "