Want to help build a coffee shop?

Hi, it's been 3 years! I'd like to know how you're doing? Where can I find photos of your cafe? I would love to visit you. I try to support projects like yours. I think such places really make our world kinder and better. I wish I had found your post 3 years ago...I would be happy to help you with all the difficulties you face when opening a cafe. I have experience running a restaurant so if you still need some help I will be happy to help you. By the way you can also ask for help to https://planwithaws.com/ because this company specializes in tax-advantaged income planning and what ultimately goes into your pocket at the end of the day.
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Keep us on the process please.
I was a coffee master at starbucks and I left the company bc I want to open my own cafe there is nothing that I love more than teaching people about coffee and for people to have a fun time and to feel comfortable and welcome in the cafe. I love making drinks and making new things for customers to try out. I have made so many more drinks and have been able to experiment more with flavors. Hopefully im able to open a cafe my plan is to achieve my goal by 35. I think I will need a loan so learn info here https://justbloans.com/ .
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