Wanted Ambex YM2 or YM5

Call Ambex...everybody wants a YM-2! Where are you located? Are you actually in business right now?

Ambex is running a couple of months out on orders. If you call them now you can take delivery shortly after the first of the year.
Well i will suggest you TKMSX 2.5 and TKMSX 5. You should realy see one easy to use easy to install and consumes law power. Roasts excellent coffee.
I agree that Toper makes nice equipment. But there again you're looking at about two months from order to delivery.

Ozturk makes a nice roaster, but I don't think anyone in the U.S. carries them any more.

The "Rolls Royce" of roasters is probably the Diedrich. Good luck finding a used one!

I have an empty warehouse I would fill with roasters, but I can't find a supplier that isn't already in an exclusive distribution agreement!