What are coffee "pods"?


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Aug 11, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
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Its nothing more then ground coffee prepackaged in a pod that can be inserted into a pod brewer. They are meant for single servings only.

Pods aren't for everyone. I haven't had coffee from a pod yet that I liked. For me I mainly grind my own coffee and brew it on my Bunn brewer.


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May 20, 2010
Sunrise, FL USA
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Hey there CCafe!

Thanks for the info. Since pods are meant for a single serving I would think the variability of the brew goes way up. Is this true? I mean, with a whole pot of coffee you get an averaging of all the variables. Hence, better consistency. Maybe I'm in left field with this thought. But, it's not the first time anyone's thought that! :)

By the way, I lived in Urbandale for 6 years from '67 to '73. Went to Olmstead elementary from kindergarten to 5th grade. Then we moved to south Florida. I wish we had stayed in Iowa.

Mike Rocha


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Aug 14, 2003
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I am finding that a lot of the high end hotels want the pods for convenience. I have tried so many pods over the past year and I am amazed how people will take convenience over quality! I have yet to find a pod that makes a consistent shot with decent crema...well that is if it isn't packed full of robusta :( Mike..not a fan of South FL? We relocated our roastery here 4 years ago..personally I love the heat and humidity but could do with out the sun :?


I won a Tassimo pod brewer for being the biggest blabbermouth on Twitter one day about coffee. While I think many folks would appreciate the variety, convenience and cool look of the machine on the counter (it looks nice on ours), it is just instant coffee to me.

As a dealer in the finest rare coffees in the world, who can basically drink the world's beans in my cup each morning, I'll pass. And the faux milk latte tastes eeew. But my son likes it, so hey.