What coffee tastes the best of all


Jan 22, 2006
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The first bean I roasted and tried fresh was Ethiopian Harrar. It hooked me on fresh roasted coffee.

There's no other coffee that has such a strong blueberry finish that I've tried. For me it doesn't need the same rest period as other beans. I've brewed it right after roasting.

Bolivia Carnavi I find is sweet and slightly spicy. One of my favourites.

It's very true, coffee is like wine. You can read reviews and follow advice but in the end you've got to try different wines to find out what you like. I like sweet, spicy, smooth so my roast preference is from light to medium and my preference for beans is a Central American, Indonesian and African.


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Feb 3, 2007
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I find this to be a matter of taste. Also, it depends on what I am drinking?

For flavored coffee, I like Millstone.

For espresso, Starbuck brand whole beans.

For regular coffee to pur cream and sugar in, it varies depending on my taste buds for the day. Could be regular old coffee, Columbian, Guatemalain or Millstone.