What Do You Think of My New Antique Copper Coffee Roaster Pan?


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Aug 26, 2016
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I just received this antique copper coffee roaster on Ebay. It was sent to me all the way from The Netherlands to make the purchase extra special. One thing I presumed was that the top could be removed, but it turns out to be soldered on with only a small 2 x 2 inch opening (it does have a small door too). The top crank is noisy scraping against metal. Must be over 100 years old perhaps. No indication of manufacturer.


Has anyone ever seen a pan like this? Can you imagine as I do what complications roasting would cause? One thing for sure, if there is a fire, it will be sealed inside and inserting the water should be a charm to put it out.

Whomever thought up this idea for the roasting pan didn't have good coffee roasting in mind. I'm thinking of the smoke escape issue, and how much slower it will be to dump the beans for cooling. The heat will be extreme without venting, likely to burn the beans. I won't be able to see them w/o a flashlight.

It's very light though. Any comments?


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Aug 14, 2003
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Pretty sweet find. I agree that it would be a pain to get all the coffee out. It would drive me nuts! Here are some pics of a "campfire" roaster the guys from Toper sent me from Turkey years ago.toper4.jpgtoper roaster.jpgtoper 3.jpgtoper roaster2.jpg