what is some good coffee to buy?


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Apr 18, 2009
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what brand and kind of roasted coffee (whole bean or ground) is good that can be purchased at almost any major grocery store?

i have been using instant coffee forever and now i am switching. i went to the store and was overwhelmed at the variety. where do i begin and what should i buy?
Peppers, welcome to Coffee Forums. I would recommend that you try coffees from your local coffee shop and if they roast their own, chances are they may sell their beans by the bag, either in 8oz, 12oz or 16oz bags. Try single origins like Colombian, Kenyan, and Sumatran. It's better to buy whole beans, but if you don't have a good grinder, let them grind it for you. Most roasters I've spoken with are happy to tell you about their coffee.
Happy hunting! :D
If you cant find a local roaster and you absolutely have to buy at supermarket the two best Ive found are Green Mountain and Peets. Stay away from Starbucks, if you like Dark roasted coffee Peets is a much better choice imo. And the Green Mountain Kenya is excellent if you like a lighter roasted coffee. If you are lucky enough to have a Whole Foods nearbye you can try there in store roasted coffees which are excellent/
my favorite is Columbian Supremo

the Bucaramanga blend is the best to me, but that's just my personal preference

it has a nutty, sweet rich flavor to it
I usually get my coffee at smaller cafe/ local roaster. I must say it is much better than drinking sbux coffee. I just picked up some coffee from wholefoods. They have a good selection. other than their allegro brand, I also pick up their weaver organic blend, which was delicious.
Since freshness is the ultimate factor, try to find roast dates. Ground coffees will stale much faster. Most beans in your grocery store are quite a bit older than ideal but if they carry some brands from local roasters, those are your best bet. If not, find some roasters or a coffee shop close by and try several brews and talk to them. If the roaster is available, go in and talk to them, watch them roast. We have people walking in daily as we roast and usually walking out with a pound or more. You can't get much fresher than that - and once you taste it, anything less just isn't worth it. Good luck!
If you are resident in uk like myself. Order from america/Canada, because dam, it tastes 100 x better when it's direct. The crap they sell here is.. Well.. crap *shrugs*.

It's all about the gutemalean, kona, jamaican, Panama coffee. Always so smooth. Yummm yummmm.
I totally agree with the recommendation for Panama and Kona coffees YUM! My current passion is for and organic little number, Panama Carmen Estate. Priced fairly, delicious with tones of chocolate and smooth as the silk in your moms' lingerie closet.

Yup, that's the one for me!
For drip I HIGHLY recommend any of the East African coffees, specifically Ethiopian Sidamo. Is a darker type of flavor with notes of fruit/wine from what I taste. Have tried lots of bean origins for drip and nothing (for me) compares to this.

For espresso I'm finding my favorite to be the Brazilian stuff. Medium in roast on average with notes of caramel, nuts, etc... and if roasted properly has a buttery texture. Later!
I roast my own coffee and I have to tell you, you can't beat it. Lately I have been buying beans from Latin America, and Africa. The taste is way better and the "Green Beans" keep for a long time, so you can just roast them when you want. The Starbucks at Pikes Place Market (the First Starbucks) is right close to where I live but I agree that they burn their beans too much. so just pick yourself up some green beans and just roast when you need them. you'll never go back, and you save a ton of cash!

If you want to see how I roast them have a look on my youtube channel

Hello "CoffeeKev"

Welcome to the Coffee Forums website!

I took a look at your video, and it certainly shows a different way to roast coffee!

The video was over 3 minutes long, but you didn't indicate how long it actually took to roast the coffee beans that way. How long did it take?

When the text said that nothing beats coffee that was roasted five minutes ago, were you referring to the smell of coffee that was roasted five minutes ago? Do you let your roasted coffee rest and de-gas for at least a day before making it?

Again, welcome....and we hope you'll visit us often!

It takes about 17-to-23 minutes depending on how dark of course. It works really well it makes for a VERY even roast. And as far as letting it degas for a day, yes I actually do, but sometimes I will cheat and grind a serving up right away and let it gas out in open air for a short while and then brew it *Blush*... I know it's wrong but hey, it is what it is lol. Thank you so much for the warm welcome, I am totally diggin checking out the topics!

I really like Kona, but since it is so expensive my second choice is Costa Rican. I just returned from an amazing cruise to Panama, Costa Rica and Belize. I toured a coffee farm in Costa Rica and saw how coffee is grown and processed right up to the cupping. It was amazing and of course I bought some green beans. I didn't get a chance to buy beans in Panama but I bought some roasted beans in Belize that I haven't tried yet. I didn't even know they grew coffee in Belize but they do.