What is the best??


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Oct 27, 2007
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I am looking for a machine that makes the overall best Starbucks-tasting coffee (using Starbucks beans, of course).

If possible include a price or a link to somewhere that sells it.

I do not need one that is best for making espressos, lattes, etc., just regular, dark roasted coffee.



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Sep 27, 2007
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What is the best?

Hi there Rissared,

Just purchased an Astoria Gloria SAE and its absolutely fabulous. Don't know if you want it for commercial or domestic use, but this one will be in business very soon and I look forward to using it a bit more regularly.


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Oct 18, 2006
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You probably need the starbucks "barista" as well to achieve that....they can work miracles with the devices available to them....Me I can't personally get a shot to come out quicker than 12 seconds....but they can manage 3-4 seconds! they can also achieve a totally cremaless shot on a commercial machine....something I have yet been unable to achieve...even with supermarket beans!

The milk texturing is something else, they take skimmed milk and turn it into a mountain of thick foamy bubbles....it might be something to do with the techique though...in the UK I have observed 2 main phases.

1. They will almost always try and reheat previously heated milk, mabye just top it off to the 1 litre mark.

2. The stand in a very casual (one could say disinterested way wilst they stuff the wand tip in open the valve and let er rip.....they look at the thermometer, but mainly to ensure it has not either; melted or fallen into the milk.

Thy can truly work miracles :-D


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Jan 1, 2008
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Skimmed milk should still give good foam, it is the proteins in the milk and not the fat (alegedly removed during skimming) that stabilise the foam. Using pre-heated milk ensures that the proteins have been unfolded and being even better foam stabilisers. I agree with Davec on the speedy coffee production (should I say anihilation) they manage to excell at.

Any machine up to $ 300 should serve you well.


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