What size cup to offer?


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May 1, 2012
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I'm not a coffee shop owner and am only commenting because of the amazing array of opinions. I live in Ireland. Choice is a luxury, so here your choice is usually a 12oz cup and . . . a 12oz cup. America is the land of choice. So whatever you choose I'd recommend that people have at least once choice -- a 12oz or a 16oz. Oh, and if people are just wanting a straight espresso only, then that's a 4oz cup. So I guess some of it depends on how you expect to serve.

For example, my local McDonald's -- please, don't laugh, this is Ireland -- of which there are about 10 in the whole country and the closest one to me is about a 45 minute drive, serves a darn good espresso but they put my 3oz shot in a 10oz cup, and I just don't like that. And it cools too fast too.

Anyway, back to it . . . IMHO, at least give them one choice.