What type of bean is right for us?


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Jun 28, 2006
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So, I am not a real coffee drinker. I would rather drink a Pepsi in the morning hehe

BUT my boyfriend drinks coffee daily. I usually make his coffee cause thats just how great I am :) So I have decided I would start researching how to make a really good cup of coffee. I have decided on trying a french press and a decent grinder. Now I just want to have an idea on where to start for the coffee. He has been using folgers or whatevers on sale so im sure that any suggestion will be an improvment.

So im thinking we (as i am going to be trying these too.. who knows i might enjoy it) should start with a medium roast. What are some good blends? I am going to try and find a local roaster in my area so that I can go there and try differnt things. I would also like to eventually roast my own but I will save that for when i know what the hell im doin lol

So yeah.. a medium roast.. something with good flavor.. already roasted and maybe even a good place to order the beans from.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


Well can't use the Folgers in a french press...too particulate and you will get a very silty cup(though I kinda like that). I would go with an Indonesian brand since you like the sodas. They are usually a bit sweeter and smoother than the C./S. American beans. African is usually the "dirtiest" flavor(my favorite). If he is a strong coffee drinker get him that. If you really want to be cutsie mix them together(awww LOVE*blush*).

Go to your local roaster(later in the afternoon...many don't have the time first thing in the day) and they will give you the lowdown and probably set you up with a little taste test of various sorts...roasters love to talk about their trade. Many that have a public store front will have a gift baskety item with small samples of the full range of their roasts
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Heh yeah I know you cant use Folgers in a french press. I was saying thats what hes used to drinking so ANYTHING would be an improvement heheh

But thanks for the suggestions! I just want to have an idea of what to look for.

I will check the area for a roaster this weekend.

Thanks again.. im off to be in love (AWWWWW BLUSH) :-D