What's the best time for a cup of coffee?


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Feb 28, 2008
Near Philadelphia, PA
In your opinion. What's the best time for a cup of coffee? Ive heard some people like it around Dinner.

I wish I could have coffee at dinner time, but it's not a good idea for me. If I had coffee that late in the day, I wouldn't be able to sleep.

I enjoy a large cup of coffee first thing in the morning with breakfast, and sometimes another cup mid-morning. That's all for me.

~ Rose


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Nov 15, 2019
New Jersey
I have difficulty sleeping if I have coffee too late in the day. So, my favorite time for coffee is just after I've woken up with breakfast. Nothing like having some freshly brewed French Press along with a couple eggs over easy or an egg on an english muffin with cheese or some yogurt with fresh blueberries or oatmeal with fresh blueberries. Two mugs to start the day is all I need.


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Apr 20, 2021
The best time for a cup of coffee is just after I've woken up, regardless of time of day.

fr bro. like just anytime I wake up whether it's in the morning or afternoon. I believe most people like their coffee in the morning too. and coffee reduces the ability to fall asleep I guess so you wouldn't want to take it in the night

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