What's your best selling Tea?


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Feb 27, 2007
Northern CA
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We currently sell Mighty Leaf in the pouch per cup but we aren't too crazy about their customer service.
We sell some Tea Forte but that's more designer stuff that people buy by the boxes for gifts etc..
We also sell Two Leaves and a Bud which has gotten mixed reviews by customers and employees alike.

Of all 3 I'd say Mighty Leaf tastes the best but is pretty pricy so we don't make as much per cup as we could.

Finally, does anyone prefer selling tea in a loose leaf form? If so, why?

thanks for any input!


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Feb 20, 2007
San Marcos, TX
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I wouldn't sell my tea in any other form but loose leaf. You sell more, customers come back for it more, and you aren't putting someone else's label on your business. It's cheaper in bulk. The same amount of time to make. There's no way you can go wrong. There are reusable tea balls for in house teas and individual tea bags for on the go.