Which single serve coffee maker is best for my needs?


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Dec 16, 2020
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I am looking for a good single serve coffee machine with the below criteria, any help appreciated.

Single serve, it is just for me to make a cup or two in the morning, or when I have the urge.

Must not be a bunch of work or time to make a cup. I know many are willing to jump through hoops for that perfect cup. That is not for me, if I have to faff about with a complex ritual for more than 2 minutes I will never use it. That means no grinding, boiling water, pots and pans to clean, etc. I am lazy.

Taste must be as good as possible for the machine type. For example if pod machine, I want the best tasting pod. I don't like weak coffee so the more robust the better.

Easy to clean. I don't want to feel like I am re-building an engine when I am cleaning the thing. The simpler and quicker with the least amount of tear down and less frequently the better. Again I am lazy.

Versatility a plus but not required, for example pod plus grounds capability in the same machine.

Robust build would be nice. The more stainless and/or glass the better. The less plastic parts that wear out/break fast the better.

I am thinking some kind of pod machine. I know they are frowned upon in many parts but I like the convenience and speed to use. If you have other options that meet my criteria please let me know.

I have been looking at the Nespresso Vertuo plus, or Nespresso ENV135GYAE (Breville, De'Longhi?), Keurig K-Elite Plus+, to give an idea of the type that I was thinking of.

Price is not an issue (within reason, I won't spend $5000 for one) I can adjust budget accordingly.

Thanks much.
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Jan 27, 2022
Upstate New York
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I regular k-cup machine will do a decent job, seriously, I have discoverd.

Only two things to do:

Use good coffee.

Use only 6 oz of water per pod. You want a proper 12 oz mug of coffee, use 6 oz of water per pod, just do it twice.

Seriously, before you go spending a bunch of money, see if this doesn't do exactly what you want.


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May 3, 2022
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I had the same request and chose #4 from this website , because I also don't want to jump through hoops to drink a coffee in the morning, the cost was nearly 50$
There are only six buttons, thank God!
Easy to wash in the dishwasher filter basket
there are the other coffee makers , which are even easier to clean with more advanced functionality, but they cost more.
Enjoy your cup of coffee ;)


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Oct 14, 2022
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The K-Elite preheats in under one-and-a-half minutes, if you don’t like waiting, this coffee maker has an auto-on feature that sets the exact time you want it to turn on in the morning. I absolutely recommend this one.
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