Whittard of Chelsea (UK)


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Jan 13, 2006
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Any good? I have for many years enjoyed good coffee at coffee shops but only recently felt the need to try and make my own good coffee. I have read that finding a good local roaster is essiantal, however are unsure were to find one in my area. There is a Whittard of Chelsea that seem to sell fresh non ground beans. Anyone know if there any good? It is a chain place.

Also I have notced that sommerfeild have suddenly changed a lot and added a local market to the end of the title. At the delacatese they are now selling fresh coffee beans, again anyone know if there any good?

Finally anyone know of any other decent roasters in the Devon, UK area...?
I have tried the Whittard beans - I don't know how freshly roasted they were and the shop staff had no idea either. My guess would be "not within the past month", but I did manage to use them all......... :D