Who is Santa"s Best Coffee Place ??

Oct 27, 2010
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Well there, Who out in the Coffee Doing World, Has the Best, Most Origional,
or Most Christmassey Place you have seen.

And what about those Special Holiday ,Special Brews, Whats the Best for you.

In our Area Seven Eleven has everyone Beat on the Christmas scene, would have Never thought,
But the Local young Couple Got Down to It, in Torrance Ca, Give them a Hand,
for the Chain store People, they are Hip.

Think I will Need a Coffee with a Bit of a Medicinal Purpose in it, as Father Oleary used to say,
But a Nice Caramel or Cream sets a nice cup.
Rick. :) :)
Here is some Holiday coffee for you....The only first snow we will ever have in South Florida!