who makes that cup sleeve?


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Feb 7, 2007
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Is anyone familiar with a cup sleeve of die-cut paper that allows a little air space between the cup and the sleeve? I think it folds down from the top to the inside to create the bulk that enables it to stand out away from the cup. It''s not corrugated, not waffled, not foam. Think origami, sort of. I had one once a long time ago...but threw it away. That shop is 500 miles away and my memory is sketchy at best. I *think* maybe that shop uses GFS. I''m waiting for a call-back from them.

I found you all on this forum today while banging my head on the keyboard looking for a certain style of cup sleeve so I took a break and read awhile. I''m trying to write a business plan for a startup drive-thru. We''ve been working on it for several months. Man, I have a million questions. I hope they''re not too trivial.