who makes the best chocolate syrup?

JavaQueen said:
Ghiardelli - best, hands down.


way better flavor than anything out there....requires less syrup(1 to 1 1/2 squirts is ample in a iced mocha for many customers) than the others....especially if you have good, not bitter, espresso.

Good luck---- when someone says powder, run.


Agree on Ghiradelli chocolate. If you're looking for economy and quality, mix your own! Ghiradelli powder is available in 1#, 10# and 30# boxes. Easy to blend and superior to the premix Ghiradelli syrup. Stays in suspension longer, so you don't get the cocoa "glop" in the bottom of the drink. I do not recommend using the cocoa powder as a dry mix in drinks. A little chalky and it is a powdery mess.
Where do you get the large boxes of powder and what is the c

You can contact Ghirardelli and they will refer you to a vendor in your area.

If you are in the Southeast area Stockton Graham & Co. can help you with the Ghirardelli powder and sauce. You can download the lastest price list off of the web visit www.stocktongraham.com or call 800-835-5943. They also carry Mt. Blanc sauce and Divinci. Check it out.
Gharidelli too common

I use Gharidelli (sp) for white chocolate powder, but I use mocafe for dark powder and just switched to Davinci syrups for all three caramel, white chocolate and dark....I thought cheap would mean bad quality, but not one person has said anything about it....