why can't we sell coffee at Farmer's Markets


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Jan 15, 2007
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Hi everyone,

First and foremost, I want to say thank you for all the good tips you have been giving me over the past year.
Today I have a question for everyone at the forum, and the question is why can't we sell coffee at Farmers Markets?
I sell at three farmers markets and they''ve been very welcoming. In fact, I wasn''t sure if I''d be able to do them this year since things have gotten busier but they literally begged me to come.

I have run into resistance at a couple others though. One said the reason was that coffee was not indigenous to the area. Neither was the flour and other ingredients in the baked goods for sale there but they wouldn''t budge. Another was due to politics in a little college town. A powerful lady in town is the mother of the local coffee shop owner and she won''t let anyone else sell coffee in any form.
It really depends on how strict the rules for the market are. Some markets only allow products to be sold that are grown in the local area. Some markets allow just about anything. The one where we sell is fairly strict but made an exception for me since I roast locally.

Why don''t you get a hold of a local market master and make inquiries? For a market near you, go to Local Harvest.

Good luck.

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