Working on a Habitat for Humanity Coffee Shop


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Feb 8, 2006
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Habitat for Humanity is about to open a new Restore in the Charlotte area, and in the corner of this Restore we are going to have a Coffee Shop. Many of the workers will be volunteers, and all profits will go to building more homes in El Salvador (Habitat Charlotte's partner affiliate). Still, I want the quality of the coffee to be top notch--therefore serving great coffee for a great cause. Our house coffee will be an El Salvadoran coffee. I am writing to find out if anyone knows of other non profit coffee shop or restaurant ventures which have been successful? I'm currently in the research, business plan phase, and am very receptive to any feedback. Also, I am currently in the market for discounted equipment. Not bad equipment, but discounted (donated is even better). Obviously, Habitat is an organization that relies on charity. Thanks a lot.

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May 27, 2005
That sounds great. There are some other forums too, just keep searching terms like espresso, specialty coffee, etc where I think I've seen threads about coffeehouses associated with churches.


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Mar 6, 2006

go to the scaa (specialty coffee association of america) conference in charlotte. i think it's april 8-10?? cant recall right now. could probably make some good connections there. also counter culture coffee has a coffee training center there in charlotte. free classes on everything and cuppings to boot.

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