Would you like a check with your coffee?

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Free Coffee and a Free On-Line Coffee Business

It's so unfortunate that CF, the coffee opportunity you represent, has still not return the Money from those who it owes.

Coffee goes MLM SCAM
Until original directors of CF have been paid back monies do to them,
I think CF will continue be seen as a scam.

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Free Coffee and a Free On-Line Coffee Business

This has nothing to do with the opportunity Raija is presenting above.

Free Coffee and Commerce Tools - A real Opportunity Click Here

About 16 of us have gotten together to form this new opportunity
where people come first.
Vinacaf I know what you mean. I accused the first person who was offering the "Coffee GOes MLM" thing as offering an illegal pyramid scheme. They didn't deny it. I'm just going to sit back with my coffee and laugh at these MLM schemes.
I don't know if you want my opinion...but here it is anyways...I think you told people to contact you to advertise on your site..otherwise if someone wanted to read the spam they would have to physically click on the "ad" hence advertising...the funny thing that I see about the fr*e coffee is that they compare themselves to OLDgers and muckwellhouse...umm...that is why they have to pay you to drink it.....I myself am a roaster...and sell coffee for a living...not through this site though...I have sent tintinet coffee on my dime...not to gain a customer...but to spread knowledge about coffee...as I offered to send coffeelover coffee....by the way cl I am back from vacation and will have it out this week :wink: Oh well I guess people do what they have to do...it just gets old reading threads that are not threads but spam...well back to the old grind.....oh and if anyone needs household cleaning supplies or toilet paper...I can not just save them money but I can set you up to be a future double dimond sales rep....sorry I couldn't help myself :twisted:
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