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    I think Keurigs have their place. And to ask if they are good or not is too much of a blanket question because of the factors involved in brewing a satisfying cup of coffee. I am in the process of launching a roasting business in the northeast and have people tell me that they either like or hate Dunkin Donuts coffee. The truth is, they are consistent with their product despite using low quality beans. But like MacDonald's, they have a $5000 water filtration system in all their locations delivering consistent results.

    One could buy very expensive beans from a small coffee roaster, have an old moldy lukewarm coffee maker, and use water from the tap to make a delicious coffee bean into a bad cup of joe. I have a coffee grinder next to a Moccamaster and it takes me probably no more than 2 additional minutes to make a great cup of coffee in the morning than it would to make with a Keurig. But if you had a dinner party with some who want decaf and others who want a flavor... it makes sense to use this machine.

    Like buying a car. Some people look at the cost of getting from point A to point B. Others seek a pleasurable driving experience and are willing to spend more. It all depends on the individual. I like to get from point A to point B in my car with the pleasurable driving experience in my travel mug.

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    I have never had a palatable cup from K-cup. But I do understand their appeal, 1) put pod in, 2) place cup under spout 3) push button 4) consume. It is for people that don't want to spend any time or thought on making a cup of coffee. I mean even my wife wouldn't do what I do for good coffee and whenever she drinks someone else's coffee she will tell me that how bad it was.

    The real problem I see with this method is that someone that doesn't want to put any thought into making their coffee will certainly not put any thought into maintaining their coffee maker so that I would bet that at least 99% of K-cup coffee makers are filthy and hence unable to make even the substandard coffee they are supposed to make.

    I also don't like the waste millions (or more) of those little plastic cups in landfills in the name of convenience. Just another problem that our grandchildren will need to deal with (this and Starbucks cups).

    Now I will freely admit to being coffee Snobzilla (I have a theory that 85-95% of Americans have probably never even been in the same room with a decent cup of coffee). I have been roasting my own coffee with increasingly more and more complicated machinery for over twenty years (keeping meticulous notes), and my maker has also has improved, (and I don't even work in the coffee industry) so color my remarks with that information.


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