19th Century U. S. Patent home coffee roasters


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Jul 13, 2021
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I have had a fascination for years with home roasters from 1840 to late 1890. I bought my 1st patent roster years ago. Old general ledgers had green beans available and people roasted their own green beans long before packaged coffee. If you read the Arbuckle patent he became a millionaire for his patent on glazing the bean. His 1868 patent used a glazing process that coated each bean with any gelatinous substance in his case egg white.
Over the years I have managed to collect about 12 of these roasters although many thousands were sold for home roasting. over 200 U. S. Patents were granted for home roasting. I believe scrap metal drives WW1 and WW2 claimed the majority of these home roasters.
My passion for these roasters led me to put together a website showcasing these early patents. Of interest is my 1865 Mills clockwork roaster and my 1872 Smith steam roaster. All of these roasters can be viewed on my site at https://www.oldcoffeeroaster.com/page-11/page8.html. I hope you enjoy looking at these early roasters. I’m trying to add all 200+ of these home roasters. Yes, that many were patented.
‘I hope you enjoy looking at the patents for these roasters and if you know anyone with one of these patent roasters I would love to add them to my site.
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