U. S. Patent Home Coffee Roasters


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Jul 13, 2021
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Years ago I started to collect U. S. Patent coffee roasters from around 1840 to 1900. Thousands of these roasters were sold all across the U.S. with the bulk being from the east coast. Over 200 roasters were granted U. S. Patents. Not many exist today because of the scrap metal drives of WW1 and WW2 and by their nature were just dirt. So tens of thousands became the few. In almost 20 years I have managed to collect about 14 of them. A few in my collection really stand out. My G. A. Beidler Patent Family Coffee Roaster from 1881. I managed to acquire the directions that shipped with the roaster itself. I think that these paper instructions are even rarer than the roaster itself. A few years later I acquired the roaster!


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I am interested! I LOVE old patents and would love to see a few of these 😀😀
I am interested! I LOVE old patents and would love to see a few of these 😀😀
Please let me know what you think. My site has not been really tested as I just got it up and running about a week ago. i purchased my first U. S. Patent roasters about 30 years ago and have managed to collect around 13 U. S. roasters. I do have a number of European roasters. My favorite is a steam roaster from I. C. Smith in 1872. It is a steam roaster and I’m in the process of restoring it so I can fire it up and see if it works. https://www.oldcoffeeroaster.com